Planning Free Time

August 5, 2014


Every day after lunch, families and buddies take a one-hour rest. Parents and campers reunite, buddies catch their breath, a few naps might be in order, and then free time kicks off at 2pm. For the next three hours, buddies and campers run wild across the grounds of Camp Arnold. But what to do? This is a serious question that deserves some extended consideration as these playtime partners weigh options and make plans.

One ideal place for this deliberation is by the Tully’s coffee cart. A pair of western saddles have been draped over an old log at the edge of some landscaping. The saddles face each other about two feet apart. Today, one camper and her buddy sat together just before lunch and sipped on some Italian sodas. Here is a sample of their conversation:

Buddy: What do you want to do at free time?

Camper: We should start with the Art Barn and do some rockets. Then, we can go over to archery, then swim in the pool. After that, we can go do the zip line and flying squirrel up at the ropes course! Then, we can get some more drinks at the Tully’s cart. And after that, maybe we can go over to the climbing wall!

Buddy: Whoa! That sounds like fun. What will we have left to do tomorrow?

Camper: We can do it all again!

Yes, they can. It’s a full week and there are a lot of memories left to be made.